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St. Paul's Church in Milford

Our Church is situated in a quiet location well away from the Milford Shopping Centre. There is a large area of open space around the Church buildings and there are many trees and birds in the near vicinity.


These include our main Church, a foyer, a large Hall (suitable for receptions, meetings and conferences), all amenities, a comfortable lounge leading onto a large deck, a large kitchen for catering needs, smaller meeting areas, an office, and our Vicarage.

There is a large area of land surrounding our buildings. This gives a peaceful and natural feeling to the whole locality. This site is also close to Lake Pupuke, which is almost surrounded by native trees, and there is some bird life in the vicinity. The peaceful area where the Church and Hall are situated is very much in contrast to the busy Shopping area situated just several blocks away. Receptions and conferences can therefore be conducted in ideal surroundings without any traffic noise.


Our Vicarage
Fortunately the Otakau Road site contained sufficient land on which to build a Vicarage. It made a lot of sense for our Vicar to live next to our Church buildings. An appropriately designed house was therefore erected. This is situated further along Otakau Road and is immediately next door to the Church Buildings.

Our Buildings in Otakau Road

Our modern complex of buildings, which includes a Church and a Hall, are connected to each other by a large foyer. There are also several smaller buildings attached to the rear of the hall. Inside this building and adjacent to the central foyer is a well equipped kitchen and servery which can be accessed from the foyer and the Hall. This is particularly convenient when large gatherings take place. The architects who designed our buildings were mindful of a number of special needs that people sometimes have, particularly in gaining access. In this regard there is a specially constructed ramp which gives access to those who have to rely on wheelchairs to get around. There is also a special needs toilet for such people.

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